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Thursday, 07 July 2011 08:15


Coverage in the Surrey Advertiser


1) Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport - Specialized)
2) Dave Clarke (Endura Racing)
3) Jake Hales (Team Corley Cycles-Cervelo)
4) James Stewart (Team UK Youth)
5) Will Fox (Forme Impsport SanLamere CT)
6) Ian Paine (London Dynamo)
7) Chris McNamara (Team Corley Cycles-Cervelo)
8) Jamie Newall (Team Corley Cycles-Cervelo)
9) David Creeggan (VC Meudon)
10) Lee Smith (Felt-Colbornes RT)
11) Jason White (CyclePremier.com-Metaltek)
12) Richard Mardle (Felt Colbornes RT)
13) Andrew Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles)
14) Alex Ray (Pasta Montegrappa - Zheroquadro)
15) James Millard (Team Corley Cycles-Cervelo)
16) Dante Carpenter (Astra Racing Team)


If anyone picked up the wrong wheels last night please can they let me know so I can ensure that the owners are reunited. Jason White lost one of his I believe.



1) Paul Hopkins (Merida UK)
2) Samuel Sturgeon (Team Terminator)
3) Michael Bell (London Fire Brigade CC)
4) Chris Wood (Wyndymilla-Maxifuel)
5) Hoseph Laborero (Cycleworks.co.uk)
6) Brian Macpherson (VC Meudon)
7) Marc Adam (London Dynamo)
8) John Glaysher (...a3crg)
9) Dave Larkin (Team Velo Sportif)
10) Andrew Keynes (VC Meudon)
11) Neil Thomson (British Cycling Private)
12) Andy Sykes (Thames Velo)
13) Dave Faulkner (Charlotteville CC)
14) Harry Strudley (AWCycles.co.uk)
15) Dan Henchy (PBscience.com)
16) Philip Burnett (Mosquito Bikes Racing Team)
17) Greg Barber (Charlotteville CC)
18) Russ Clarke (Fit-For)


Youth Categories


1) Matthew Hargroves (Hargroves Cycles)
2) Danny Fox (Solihull CC)
3) Harvey Lowe (Hargroves Cycles)
4) Mitchell Webber (Andover Wheelers)
5) Andrew Magnani (Prestige VC)
6) Andrew Pink (Charlotteville CC)
7) Callum Oliver (Rapha Condor CC)
8) Chris McGovern (Sutton Cycling Club/De Ver Cycles)
9) Elliot Phillips (VC Londres)
10) Jack Priddle (VC Jubilee)
11) Freddie Pritchard (Charlotteville CC)
12) Noah Phillips (VC Londres)
13) Jake Norman (Wyndymilla-Maxifuel)
14) Tom Paine (VC Jubilee)
15) Fergal Doran (British Cycling Private)
16) Ross King (Veloschils Interbike)
17) Ashley Dennis (VC Jubilee)

1) Katie Metalli (Bristol Cycling Development Squad)


1) Tom Franklin (Hargroves Cycles)
2) Daniel Tulett (Hargroves Cycles)
3) Jed Webber (Andover Wheelers)
4) Joe Truman (i-team.co.uk)
5) Aidan Woolven (Sutton Cycling Club/De Ver Cycles)
6) Mark Jacobs (VC Jubilee)
7) Oliver Cliff (VC Londres)
8) Oliver Priddle (VC Jubilee)
9) Max Bergin (VC Londres)
10) George Jary (VC Londres)
11) Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)
12) Joshua Holland (Charlotteville CC)
13) Kieran Woods (Charlotteville CC)
14) Martin Blackman (Sutton Cycling Club/De Ver Cycles)


1) Amy Smith (VC Jubilee)


1) Thomas Burnett (Preston Park YCC)
2) Isaac Wright (Preston Park YCC)
3) Matthew McGovern (Sutton Cycling Club/De Ver Cycles)
4) Ieuan Woods (Charlotteville CC)
5) Lewis Haller (Charlotteville CC)
6) George Sales (Redhill CC)


1) Rachel Jary (VC Londres)


1) Ben Tulett (Herne Hill Youth)
2) Joe McGuinness (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
3) Jay Allen (Palmer Park Velo RT)
4) Henry Jarrett (Charlotteville CC)


1) Kye Lewis (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
2) Luke Whatley (Charlotteville CC)


Please let me know if you disagree with any of the above. I think we managed to improve the way we handled the youth races this year (hopefully the YCDE riders agree). We have some improvements for next year to make the YA/YB race easier to judge.

In general, apologies for the state of the road at the bottom corner of Market Street, hindsight is a wonderful thing but something we obviously will sort out (or re-check) before next year - sorry for all the punctures!

Thanks to all the people who helped out from Charlotteville CC, thanks to all our sponsors and please come back next year.

I will no doubt get sent lots of links from photographers with their images from last night and will add them to this page when I receive them so please return....


Media Coverage:

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Photo Galleries:

Blinkman Photograhy (Dave Carlsson)

Apex Imaging and Technology

AE Photos

Colin Addison (VC Meudon)

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Plus there are lots of photo's out there on Facebook


Prizes will be sent out in the post shortly.....



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