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Thursday, 08 July 2010 08:52


2010 Race Winners

(l to r) Jon Lewis(Charlotteville CC) - RegB, Wouter Sybrandy (Sigma Sport/Specialized) - NatB, Joe Fox (Solihull CC) - Youths

[photo: D Carlsson]


National B (E12)

1 Wouter SYBRANDY (Sigma Sport/Specialized) E
2 Jody CRAWFORTH (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI) E
3 Phill SYKES (Sigma Sport/Specialized) E
4 Marcel SIX (Orbea-For Goodness Shakes!) E
5 Jeroen JANSSEN (Kuota-Road.cc) E
6 Jamie NEWALL (Team Corley Cycles) 2
7 Gareth MONTGOMERY (Sigma Sport/Specialized) E
8 Jonathan DIBBEN (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI) YA
9 Ian PAINE (London Dynamo) 1
10 Simon ERNEST (AW Cycles.co.uk) 2
11 Jefte DE BRUIN (Kuota-Road.cc) E
12 Lee SMITH (Felt-Colbornes RT) E
13 Jon MOZLEY (Kuota-Road.cc) E
14 Martin SMITH (Kuota-Road.cc) E
15 Alexander KING (Endura Racing) E
16 Michael JACKSON (CC Luton) 2
17 Darren BARCLAY (Arctic RT) 1
18 James WAITE (Pearson Cycles) 2
19 Dean SHANNON (Orbea-For Goodness Shakes!) 1
20 Richard MARDLE (Felt-Colbornes RT) 1
21 Tim ELVERSON (Felt-Colbornes RT) E
22 Daniele SANTONI (MSTina) E


Report and photo's from British Cycling and in addition to his report on the BC website there is Graham Robins' Gallery

Charlotteville paparazzi extraordinaire Dave Carlsson's first selection of photo's, more will no doubt be published here too.

James Carlsson's facebook galleries of the Support Race and the Elite Race and now published on fluidr

Photo's from VC Meudon's Colin Addison

A report from the Surrey Advertiser on the races


If you have any other photo's you'd like to share with everyone then please let me know and we can publish links here.


For the rest of the results select the 'read more' link below


Regional B (3rds)

1 Jon LEWIS (Charlotteville CC)
2 Samuel STURGEON (Team Terminator)
3 Neil HEFFERNAN (InverseRacing/Bikefood)
4 Nick ONSLOW (Pedalon.co.uk)
5 John GLAYSHER (...a3crg)
6 Daniel GILLOW (Wyndymilla-Maxifuel)
7 Adrian GOATLEY (British Cycling Private)
8 Michael BELL (London Fire Brigade CC)
9 Dean FROST (VC Meudon)
10 Nick JEPSON (Brighton Excelsior CC)

If you are wondering what happened to the riders taken away from the event to hospital then I spoke to both of them (or their families) today and they are doing well. Conor had a dislocated shoulder and will be off the bike for a while and getting some physio so I hope they both recover soon and come back to face the cobbles again next year.


Youth A

1 Joe FOX (Solihull CC)
2 Harry FRANKLIN (VC Londres)
3 Dante CARPENTER (OneLife Development Squad)
4 Rory TOWNSEND (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
5 Matt HARGROVES (Hargroves Cycles/Trant/Next/Scott/GSI)
6 Ross KING (Herne Hill Youth CC)
7 Jack OLIVER-BLANEY (Team Terminator)
=8 Louis FAWKE (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
=8 Sam JACKSON (Farnham RC)
=8 Jason BROWN (Palmer Park Velo RT)
=8 Matt DAVIES (Farnham RC)
=8 Amy JACOBS (VC Jubilee)
=8 Jack PRIDDLE (VC Jubilee)
=8 Samuel DOWNING (Isle Of Mull CC)
=8 Andrew SHACKEL (iTeam.cc/InTandem/Cycleworld.co.uk/Quality-Carpentry.co.uk)
=8 Kieran LAURIE (VC Londres)
=8 Ashley Dennis (VC Jubilee) 


Youth B
1 Danny FOX (Solihull CC)
2 Louis MAGNANI (Hillingdon Slipstreamers)
3 Aidan WOOLVEN (Sutton CC/De Ver Cycles)
4 Matthew HILL (VC Jubilee)
5 Mark JACOBS (VC Jubilee)
6 Megan LEWIS (VC Jubilee)
7 Oliver PRIDDLE (VC Jubilee)
9 Andrew PINK (Charlotteville CC)
10 Jamie WATERS (Unattached)
11 Cormac SCULLY-KING (VC Meudon)
12 Abigail DENTUS (Palmer Park Velo RT)

There have been changes to the Youth B results since they were originally published


Youth C
1 Cameron HOUSTON (AD Cycles RT)
2 Joshua HOLLAND (Charlotteville CC)


Youth D
1 Joe MCGUINNESS (Palmer Park Velo RT)
2 Damon KING (Palmer Park Velo RT)
3 Callum MACLEOD (Palmer Park Velo RT)
4 Bethany LEWIS (VC Jubilee)
5 Erin BAKER (Southdown Velo)
6 Jake KENNEDY (Palmer Park Velo RT)

Note: the judges were unable to adequately place the riders in the YD category, if you believe you know more about the results then please get in touch


Can I also just comment that the judges and commissaires do a great job of trying to get the results right and there will always be a risk of errors, particularly on a very small circuit where lapping is so frequent which makes it incredibly difficult to ensure that we get the placings right. We apologise for any errors that are made and it is almost always the case that the nearest and dearest of the people involved will know better about where person X was placed but we're not always going to get it right.

If you have any suggestions on how to make things easier for future events or if you have contacts who can do a good deal on the use of transponders then we would really be interested to hear from you so please get in contact.

Meanwhile we hope to see you all again next year. We try to put on a great event that is pretty unique and different to the usual hillingdons, eelmoors and goodwoods so hopefully you can forgive us some errors.





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