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Written by Matt Legge   
Sunday, 12 June 2016 17:58

Wow, what a weekend of Time Trialling we have had at Charlotteville Cycling Club. Whoever said that we were going through a quiet phase in the clubs history is perhaps still right in terms on breadth but the quality has never been better.

First off there was the Team Axiom Weekender where a total of 4 club records have fallen!!!!

To begin with there was the Club Juvenile 10 mile TT record (set by Chris Edwards in 1998) which Ieuan Woods took with an amazing time of 21:03 on Saturday afternoon.  Then not content with that he then broke the Juvenile 25 mile TT record on the Sunday morning (again held by Chris Edwards since 1998) with a 54:56 in his first ever 25 mile TT.
A matter of an hour or so later James Wright rode in the same event and posted an incredible time of 50:34 which took 2 seconds off club legend Derek Cottington's club record which was set in 1992.
Finally, Matt Parfitt posted a time of 52:06 in the very same event. Between the three of them they 'only' managed to get 2nd in the team prize for the event but they did manage to break yet another club record for the 25 mile TT team set by Derek Cottington, Gary Wells and Pete Stonebanks in 1996 with a total time of 2:37:36 which took two minutes off the previous record - phew!!

To round off the weekend Virginia McGee has been racing in the Newbury Road Club 12hr TT on the H12hr/8 course near Farnham/Alton and we are still awaiting final results (which might actually take even longer to confirm) but predictions are that she will complete a total of approx. 251 miles which breaks the club record for 12 hours by a woman set by Jenny Noad in 1968.  This will also take Virginia into the national top ten rides of all time for this event which is quite staggering, well done Virginia.

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Anti-Doping - what you need to know PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Legge   
Monday, 23 May 2016 10:07

Anti-doping - why do I need to know about that?

It is important that all riders, especially those who are taking part of in any sort of competitive cycling have a good understanding of what anti-doping is all about. We are all aware of the issues of anti-doping that cycling as a sport has gone through in recent years (recent decades) and only by making an understanding of anti-doping part of the culture of cycling can we help to drive this out of the sport.

Charlotteville CC coach Ian Haller has put together the following document after being part of a number of workshops held by the British Cycling Team Foundation coaches with some of our youth riders in order to spread the word rider amongst our club members and the wider cycling community. Take a read and make yourself more knowledgeable.

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Charlotteville CC Club Handicap '50' - 8th May PDF Print E-mail
Written by Derek Dowden   
Thursday, 12 May 2016 11:19

Congratulations to Virginia McGee on her ride at the Charlotteville Open "50", which won her the Club "50" Handicap.

The handicap results are:

1st: Virginia McGee       1:51:06

2nd: James Wright         1:51:29

3rd: Gareth Barnes         1:52:43

4th: Derek Dowden        1:56:13

5th: Michael Draper        1:59:53

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Charlotteville CC Open '50' - 8th May PDF Print E-mail
Written by Matt Legge   
Sunday, 08 May 2016 20:10

Wow, what a scorcher. This years Charlotteville CC Open '50' was suggested to have been the hottest on record.

Many thanks to organiser Daniel Sharp for organising such a great event and to all the support and help given by members of Charlotteville Cycling Club.

Congratulations to everyone that finished in the warming conditions and we look forward to seeing you back next year.

Photographer Mike Anton took photo's at the event and his galleries can be found here from where you can purchase your own copies.

There are a number of photo's from the event on our Flickr stream, mainly focusing on the early starters...

 Ville50 2016


Full results can be found here on the CTT website.

1          Peter    Harrison          G.S. Henley    01:42:59

2          Kevin  Tye      VeloRefined.com Aerosmiths            01:45:31

3          Tejvan Pettinger          Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team     01:46:15

4          Charles            Mitchell           ...a3crg            01:46:43

5          Alex    Napier Blazing Saddles          01:46:48

6          James   Copeland         Fareham Wheelers CC            01:46:54

7          Michael           Broadwith       Arctic Tacx RT           01:47:23

8          Matthew          Charlton          Farnborough & Camberley CC           01:48:10

9          Gary    Chambers        Fareham Wheelers CC            01:48:43

10        Chris    Goodfellow     DRAG2ZERO            01:49:43


15        James   Wright Charlotteville Cycling Club    01:51:29


38        Gareth Barnes Charlotteville Cycling Club    01:56:07


85        Derek  Dowden          Charlotteville Cycling Club    02:06:43


87        Michael           Draper Charlotteville Cycling Club    02:07:05


107      Virginia           McGee            Charlotteville Cycling Club    02:16:36



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1st Evening '10' and Novices Cup - 4th May PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jon Saunders   
Thursday, 05 May 2016 18:22
Start No. Rider Club Time Position
1 James Gower VCGH 24:00 3
2 Euan Brown CCC 30:20
3 Warren Applegate VCGH 24:17
4 Matthew Cove CCC 24:33 1st Novice
5 James Goward Four4th 23:23 1
6 Derek Dowden CCC 25:31
7 Darren Heath CCC 23:35 2
8 Ian Portsmouth/Sam Bishop (2-up) CCC/District 26:05
9 Simon Wood CCC 24:57
10 Simon Fisher CCC 25:21
11 Michael Draper CCC 24:48
12 David Butler CCC 26:49
13 Harvey Phillips CCC Lost!
14 Sophie Household SSLL 24:42


1stEvening10 2016 040516

photo courtesy of @ColclubduVelo

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